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Thursday, 29 July 2010


Nobrow 1: Gods and Monsters

An amazingly illustrated magazine/book and at only £9...definitely a bargain to get on your shelf!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Norwich Degree show- Textiles

Another part of the show I was really impressed with were the textile designers....I have to say my sister had her degree work up this year, otherwise I may of breezed through this section alot quicker.
Beside all their work and on their portfolios they had their names laser cut into wood. I think personally it might of looked better cut through a different material, however it was a really nice touch to all their presentations and something I hadn't seen at a show before.
While walking round I did notice a lot of people taking more attention to the portfolio stands rather than the work displayed and their opinions were more than just "hmm yes thats..nice" which gave me a little reminder not to put my attention to much onto the final rather than the portfolio itself and equal them out to the same high standard that I can achieve.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Part 1 Norwich Art & Design Graduation Show

On June 22nd I went to go and visit Norwich Graduation show and having been to one before, I knew the competition, once again was going to be very high!
To be honest I wasn't and still not quite sure what to think of the Fine 'out there' as i expected it to be. I'm not sure what a piece of bubble wrap and a calender of dead flies was meant to conclude of what they had learnt within 3 years...?? but each to their own I guess...

However the Graphic Design section was well.......AMAZING. The illustration in particular was so well presented and the standard of their ideas,techniques, colours were really inspiring and professional. All this scaring me a little for next year but excited to hopefully produce something with the same wow factor.

Two illustrators in particular that caught my eye were Anna Brinded and Lauren Greaves.
Anna had a really amazing book she had created along side some alone illustrations, with all of them having the same standard of beautiful detail and colour which also seem very dream like.
Lauren Greaves had a lot more cleaner look to her work, her ideas were so creative and seem so effortless. Her presentation of her show was obviously well thought out and framed every piece the same and added a vinyl of one of her characters to the wall underneath.

Here's blog links as I don't feel I can give them enough justice, so have a little look.

Well that was the illustration and Part 2 will be the textiles when i find my camera charger!

Friday, 2 July 2010

One day when I have a little home which is mine...its going to be filled with this!